Future Classics

Luxury Bathtubs and Basins

The Libbey Group is a proud supplier of Future Classics luxury plumbing products. Part of the DADO family, Future Classics originated in South Africa. They are known all over the world for their carefully crafted bathtubs and basins.

The Libbey Group provides Future Classics plumbing products from Chicago, Fargo, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Detroit and beyond. Whether you need a bathtub for your ensuite bathroom or multiple basins for a luxury hotel, The Libbey Group is ready to help you.

In addition to Future Classics, The Libbey Group represents some of the best manufacturers worldwide. We supply everything luxurious: free standing tubs, kitchen cabinets, point of use water filtration systems, and much more.

Contact The Libbey Group for more information on Future Classics luxury bathtubs and basins.

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