Victoria Albert Bath

Freestanding new tub from Victoria + Albert

Victoria + Albert freestanding tubs have great form and are functional; however, bathing in our volcanic limestone tubs also affords a spiritual experience.  Our tubs have a silk feel on wet skin and the volcanic limestone sustains water warmth.  Throughout time, water has had spiritual qualities.  Being submerged at baptism is a spiritual cleansing.  Today, many Japanese take showers before bathing.  At the spa, warm stone therapy utilizes volcanic limestone rocks as they stay hot for a very long time.  The connection of water and volcanic limestone affords the spiritual connection in one’s own home and is available only from Victoria + Albert.

"English Cast" is offered exclusive from Victoria + Albert with a 25 year warranty.   Victoria + Albert, ENGLISHCAST® is a blend of volcanic limestone and high performance resins.  Victoria + Albert doesn't radiate heat (like cast iron); doesn't flex (like plastic, fiberglass, or acrylic), and is a manageable weight with easy bolting to the floor instructions (won't break back installing and no special floor reinforcements needed - like cast iron). Stocked in Atlanta = 4 days to delivery with $150 freight/crate charge; warrant drilling by plumber, paintable underside; Victoria + Albert brilliant finish never wears. Our drain systems have faceplates from contemporary to traditional with lift and turn, tip toe or plug option water stoppers all in one box!  The drains have exceptional ball joint overflow and is preferred by plumber. It is simple to get the correct drain as one drain fits all of our tubs!

Victoria + Albert Ios painted finish Freestanding tub

  • Victoria + Albert is warm with high insulation properties.
  • Victoria + Albert is beautiful naturally white with a gloss finish.
  • Victoria + Albert is lasting with a 25 year warranty.
  • Victoria + Albert is renewable easy clean solid surface — internal scratches simply polish out does not creak or flex
  • Victoria + Albert is practicle and drillable for customized faucet location.
  • Victoria + Albert is a unique hand finished interior, faux finished, or stenciled.
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Victoria + Albert freestanding tubs have another outstanding feature.  Because the bath tubs are volcanic limestone, we are able to manufacture bigger bathing area in a smaller space.  Great form and a smaller bathing area compared to other bath tub manufacturing processes.  For example, the Edge freestanding 59” x 32” bath tub has a bathing area equal to most 72” acrylic tubs.

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